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To set up Outlook Express to use your new Reliable Internet e-mail account, first open the program. These directions are for version 6 of the program. To set up Outlook Express, you’ll need to know your e-mail address, account name and password. We will provide you with that information so that you can complete each of the following steps. 

On the menu bar, select “Tools” and then click on “Accounts.”


In the upper right of the dialog box that opens, click on “Add” and then on “Mail.”


This will open the Internet Connection Wizard.


You will first be asked for a “Display name.” This will tell the folks to whom you send messages who it was that sent them. Enter your display name. You can choose how you’d like the name to appear. The above example is for a couple who share an e-mail account. They could have chosen “The Doe Family, John, Jayne and children.” However, it’s best to keep this short and descriptive so that those who receive messages from you know that you are writing to them. Then click “Next.”


On this screen, you enter your e-mail address. Then click “Next.”

At this point you’ll need to enter the e-mail server names. On the first line, “Your incoming mail server is a “POP3” server. The incoming mail server is “” and the outgoing mail server is “” (see below).


After entering server names as shown, click “Next.” This takes you to the “Internet Mail Logon” screen. (See below.)


Enter the “Account name” that you were given and your “Password.” (You should have changed your password as recommended, so use your new password.) Be sure to click the “Remember password” box if you don’t want to enter it each time you check your e-mail. Later, we’ll show you how to change your password. Click “Next.

The next screen will congratulate you, but you’re not quite finished.


Click “Finish,” and you’ll be taken to the “Internet Accounts” screen. 


The account that you just set up should be highlighted. If it isn’t, then click on that account, and then click on “properties.”

At the top of the screen under the “General” tab, change the “Mail Account” name to: Reliable Internet E-mail. You can double check your display name and e-mail address on this same tab.


Click on “Servers” tab, which will take you to another screen.


On this screen, click on the box titled, “My server requires authentication.” This will put a check mark in the box. Now click on “Settings.”

Under “Logon Information,” click on “Use same settings as my incoming mail server.” You’re almost finished with the setup.


To complete the process click “OK,” “OK” and “Close.” Now congratulate yourself. Your Reliable Internet e-mail account is setup in Outlook Express. Enjoy!

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