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Our mission is to bring high-quality broadband Wireless Internet access and excellent customer service to the under-served in our community. We focus on those who have no other viable option for broadband service and those who are experiencing poor service from their current provider.


Reliable Internet, LLC is wholly owned and operated by Brian Rohrbacher of Lake Odessa, Michigan. Brian has been involved with Wireless Internet Service to our community since 2002.

In 2004 we adopted our name -- Reliable Internet, LLC and began building a new up-to-date high-speed wireless network. Today, the network has grown dramatically and is still growing. 


We will provide our customers Wireless Internet Service that is local, reliable, affordable, fast and secure.

Local means that you are dealing with neighbors.

Only a system that is well engineered can be reliable.

Affordable means economical -- not cheap!

To enjoy all the internet you need a fast connection.

A secure system protects your privacy.

The Future

We hope you will be part of our future. Please contact us today.

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